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First post on new website

I’ve held this domain name for  a while but hadn’t gotten around to doing anything with it since I’ve been busy with other stuff (like motherhood and being sick and moving).  So I’m just now getting back to writing much and getting this site going for folks who want to follow me along on the journey (or who find my work later and want to know some of what went into creating it – I myself have been very inspired and empowered by reading about other writers’ processes, especially writers who are also mothers of small children – JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyers particularly – so if I can give back a little of what I’ve received, I’d like to do that).

At this point, the plot of my work in progress (my first novel) is pretty set in stone, only minor details really will likely change at all.  I’ve written a good portion of the beginning (though not sequentally – I write in scenes around the needs of my household, so on average I write about 800 words in a sitting and often don’t pick up in the same scene the next time I have a chance to write – I stitch the scenes together later, kinda scrapbook style).  I have an outline written out (need to go through and make it a little more simplified).  I have also written the most difficult scene of the book – the turning point of the story.  That was really emotionally rough on me, but I needed to do it to be sure I’m really honestly pointing things in that direction earlier in the book.  Now I’m writing backwards from there a bit, some stuff that happens in th middle of the novel, stuff that’s emotionally a little easier to write so that’s a relief.  I should have some spare time next week to write a bit more and I hope to (fingers crossed) double the amount of story that I have written so far (for those following along, the current not-totally-in-the-I-doubt-I’ll-use-this-bin word count stands at just under 9000 words – not including outlines and such… and also excluding a couple scenes I wrote but don’t think I’ll manage to work in).


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