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I am a 30-something mother of (currently) two more than the average number of children working on EDITING my first novel while simultaneously writing two more and having recently completed a somewhat unrelated Master’s degree.  I’ve had a hard time figuring out what genre my writing fits in, as Mythic Realism is generally a bit more tense and gorey and Speculative Fiction is a bit to broad of a category.  The fantasy level I enjoy most is about the level of Harry Potter or Mists of Avalon – the real world, but with an extra tasty crunchy layer on top that is plausible if you turn your head just right.  My first novel and its “twin” focus on the Greek pantheon of gods, and how they might be comporting themselves in modern day.  It’s not juvenile fiction (tho occasionally my sense of humor is), it’s very much character-driven, and I hope there’s a market for it because I’d like to find more stories similar in fantasy level.  I don’t do mysteries (I either figure them out too quickly or get annoyed that the author didn’t give enough clues for a reasonably intelligent person to figure it out – even upon rereading), and I don’t do gore (American Gods was a bit gory for my tastes).   I need to care about the characters or I won’t even finish the book (just ask my college lit prof – at least I think I owned up to the fact I only finished half the books he assigned).

Maybe I’ll get around to putting more in here later… or maybe I’ll focus on writing the darn novels instead.

[edited: ah, yes. Spellcheck. Brilliant concept.]