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Yes I am still alive & writing

Things have kinds stalled out a bit. After finishing the first draft of the first novel at the end of July, I decided to take a bit of a breather before jumping into revising/editing (which I insist I must do one time through and ONLY one time through before letting any editor friends look at the whole story). What is my insane idea of ‘a but of a breather’ one might wonder, seeing as it is now nearly 6 months since I finished the draft? Apparently, for me, it means starting graduate school in a field totally unrelated to writing fiction and falling pregnant with my 3rd child during orientation week.


I am now 25 weeks pregnant. The baby is healthy, strong, and due in mid-May 2010. In between reading and projects for my graduate degree, I’m squeezing in some editing time while snuggling my already-born kids, and have even written a TINY bit of the next novel (which will be a retelling of the Persephone myth from her perspective. Seph made several appearances in the first story and kindly demanded her own novel). My aspiration (which may not be realistic) is to finish editing the first novel (current working title Archer Unnotched) in the next 6 weeks and then try to get at least half of the next novel (working title Six Seeds) done before the new baby arrives. We shall see.

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